My First Real Garden 🌱πŸ₯•πŸ’›

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    My boyfriend and I are going to become gardeners this year! My dad has a gardening hobby that verges on professionalism, and I grew up helping out. I always do potted herbs and flowers, but this is my first attempt at a full garden. I'll keep y'all posted as the garden progresses.
    β˜€οΈalways welcoming suggestions from pro gardeners on here! β˜€οΈ
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    Prepping the area: we dug up grass yesterday and loosened the dirt about 6 inches deep. The bed is 9x4 feet.
    We found that good ol Georgia clay underneath. We already bought peat moss and manure, and I may go back for a bag of topsoil as well. So far so good though!
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    In the plans so far are carrots, lettuce mix, beans, onions, potatoes. I'd love to find some heirloom tomatoes as well. And from what I hear, there's time in Georgia for a separate fall crop as well.
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    Today we added topsoil, manure, peat moss and fertilizer. Added a teensy brick path for accessibility and gave the soil a good soaking.
    Here is Milo taking credit for our hard work.
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    So we planted beans, lettuce, carrots, onions. Here is the garden after a heavy nighttime rain.
    Waiting a couple more weeks to transplant some tomatoes, more lettuce, and maybe something else.
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    It's gonna be a couple weeks before we see sprouts in the garden, so here are some fresh herbs to tide you over :)
    Cilantro is looking peaked a mere week after transplant, but everyone else is thriving!
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    Planted potatoes in a big pot today. Started with only about 4 inches of soil, because we read that we should keep adding more to cover the plant as it grows? We'll see!
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    Update: freakin out a TAD because we are having a Serious Cold Snap. I was not able to warn my seedlings about this and I'm worried they are going to be real mad.
    WTF Georgia!
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    Alert!! Alert!! 🚨 🚨 🚨
    Onions have sprouted!!!
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    Update: TROUBLE IN BEANTOWN 😭😭 soooo i think we planted the beans too early? Anyway they rotted, and when I dug one up to check If they were sprouting, I found they were filled with MAGGOTS.
    Maggots are not pictured because that would be rude. I called my dad (gardening helpline) and he suggested we wait a few weeks and try again. So that's the plan!
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    So I know it's unconventional to transplant peas (well, I knew after my dad told me) but the bf saw these for sale and picked them up, so we are giving it a shot. They might die. Peas welcome the sugar snaps. πŸŒ±πŸ™ƒ
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    🚨 🚨 🚨 call the πŸš‘!!!
    I think these are "kudzu beetles?" Possibly only harmful to plants in the bean family? They are ALL OVER MY HERBS.
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    They are crawling out of the woodwork, literally!!
    @GavMaLav @cvlop61 thoughts? Are these guys harmless to herbs?
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    Update: yesterday (March 25) we put in some transplants. 3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes (SO EXCITED), kale and Swiss chard seedlings, and some green onions that have been popping up all over our yard (from a previous tenant's garden?idk) lastly, a little Serrano pepper plant.
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    Kale and onions
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    Rainbow chard. We also replanted the beans
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    Purple heirloom tomato plant!
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    Y'all, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED and I haven't been updating this list. Lettuce, chard and kale grew abundantly 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱and we ate many fresh salads. Beans failed, and then peas failed. Tomatoes grew big and tall and then deer came in the night and ATE ALL OF THEM jussssst before they were ready to pick. 😑
    We bought netting and covered the garden. We planted various hot pepper seedlings that the bf had started up on the porch. We planted zucchini seeds and they grew very fast but something keeps getting under the net and eating the flowers 😫😫 carrots are slowly coming in. Onions may be ready to harvest soon? We harvested potatoes as well, and had one delicious roasted potato meal!
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    First tomato!
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    100% garden salad
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    Yummy rainbow chard
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    Just keeps growing back!
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  24. β€’
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    Aftermath of the tomato massacre. All my heirlooms....GONE.
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    Baby squash!
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    Also it's been raining LOT for the past MONTH and I think some of our plants have had it with being waterlogged. But that's where we are at!! It's been a learning experience, for sure!