Inspired by @Boogie (excluding commitments of the actual person-to-person type)
  1. Grey's Anatomy - 13 (but really like 9-10 because I didn't start watching it on-air)
    This show is like an old friend who you don't really click with as much as you used to but you've been through a lot and you don't want to ditch them because for some reason you still feel like you're getting something out of the relationship, even though you can't for the life of you name it. 😑 RIP George.
  2. My Klimt poster - 10 years
    I bought this at the poster sale in undergrad, I liked the gold foil (and love this painting). A few years later I asked to have it framed as a Christmas present and it hangs in our bedroom.
  3. Apple products - 12 years
    I got my first iBook senior year of high school and never looked back! I was late to the iPhone party (flip phones for lyfe) but I can't imagine turning back now. TBH i love/hate smartphones, they're so addictive. But I'm an Apple devotee.
  4. This blanket - 12 years! (12 years with a blanket??)
    My aunt gave it to me when I left for college in 2004. It's the coziest blanket in the universe. Now it sits on my grandpa's old armchair to protect it from being the cat's scratching post.
  5. Photography - 16 years (since first darkroom experience) 20+ years since first camera
    My first camera was similar to the one pictured. Then in 8th grade I learned to use my dad's old Nikon from college, and how to use a darkroom. The rest is history. I majored in studio art in college, spent half my waking life in the darkroom, and didn't even dip a toe in digital photography until after college when I bought my first D-SLR. Now it's mainly a hobby but I'll never give it up!
  6. My Little House box set - 23 years?
    Granted it's in my dad's attic at the moment, but I will never part with it. If my kids don't want to read it someday, I'll be crushed.