Inspired by @shadowman ☕️ I frequently buy mugs as souvenirs, so many of my mugs have high sentimental value. I've been told I have more than I need, but what you're about to see represents the surviving group after a cutthroat culling!
  1. Static
    TBH I never use this, but my mostly dormant sense of pride and nostalgia for my undergrad years has me holding onto it. What would Marie Kondo say?? (She would say 🎶let it go🎶 but I can't!)
  2. Static
    I love this because the image is a painting by my uncle. It was a Christmas gift. But I rarely use it because there are others I prefer. It's on the smaller side.
  3. Static
    These are perfect for a hot chocolate date with boo ❣️ they reek of cozy winter vibes! Also they're fancy #lecreuset
  4. Static
    A gift from a dear friend and travel companion. Slightly oversized, which I love.
  5. Static
    I bought this at Starbucks in Viña Del Mar, Chile, where I once lived for 6 months. Also oversized, provides a fantastic hot beverage intake experience. Pairs well with mini marshmallows in my cocoa.
  6. Static
    This one is also from Chile (clearly). The photos on it are of street art in Valparaiso. This one just makes me happy to look at, and I use it when I'm not in need of a larger mug.
  7. Static
    My dainty, monogrammed herbal tea mug. Pairs nicely with a chamomile or other flowery tea. 🌼🌹🌸
  8. Static
    This pair were homemade in my hometown in Maine. These are my hygge mugs (look it up). Perfect for holding with both hands and sipping slowly while wrapped in a wool blanket on the couch.
  9. Static
    I got this at my favorite coffee shop in Santa Fe, when I lived there. It's handmade, sturdy, fits perfectly in my hand, is beautiful, etc.
  10. Hibiscus tea and banana muffins on a rainy Sunday ☺️ 🌺