1. My parents wouldn't buy me a Tamagotchi™ when all the other kids had one.
    Tip of the iceberg regarding the ban on electronic devices in my early years. Hated them for it then, thank them for it now. #whenparentsareright
  2. Anyway.
  3. So when my boyfriend unearthed an old one from a box of his stuff, I requested that we find batteries immediately so that I could finally have The Tamagotchi™ Experience.
    Edit: I would have it known that said boyfriend would have it known, that T was not unearthed from a box of his stuff but rather, purchased at an estate sale in town; a fact that had heretofore escaped my memory.
  4. He obliged.
  5. I've been studiously taking excellent care of my Tamagotchi™ for the past 4 days.
    Attentive as heck.
  6. But today...
  7. Tamagotchi™ was still asleep when I left for work. (My first day after graduating with my masters in social work!
    Sorry T, but you are not welcome at my first day of work. I can't trust you to be seen and not heard. It seems my devotion does know bounds.
  8. So I couldn't feed or bathe him.
  9. I left him on the bed, 💤💤💤ing away.
  10. I hope he's not dead when I get home.
  11. Static
  12. Edit: don't miss The T Saga Part Deux My Tamagotchi™ Saga: Part Deux