Or, the most petty list you'll read today.
  1. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a check mark. You know it well.
  2. When written by hand, check marks are often executed quickly and with a certain flick of the wrist.
    Generally accompanied by a satisfied feeling.
  3. One day when I was young, a classmate happened to see a check mark I'd made, and POINTED AND LAUGHED and said, "You're doing it wrong!"
  4. My check marks looked like this:
  5. Because to achieve that certain, satisfying, check-it-off wrist-flick with your left hand, you must write them the other way.
    If you don't see what I mean, righties, try writing a satisfying "backwards" check mark with your right hand. It's not possible.
  6. Apparently, my lefty check marks were not accepted by (elementary school) society
    I learned this quickly, and adapted my check marks to fit the status quo. Sometimes, in a fit of rebellion, I will revert to my lefty checks.
  7. I love being left-handed. As other listers have noted, being a southpaw puts us in good company with a lot of amazing people, and (arguably) ("studies show") means we are superior human specimens in a variety of ways. 😏
  8. And obviously there are much (MUCH MUUUUCH) more important issues of inequality in our society than the minor inconveniences of things like check marks, scissors, and coffee mugs catering to righties.
  9. But sometimes when you're bored and thinking "hm what can I list about today," life's minor irritations come to mind.
  10. PS. some people call checks ticks. Do NOT image search tick marks. You will be very disappointed and grossed out.