How do YOU guys stay on top of shit?
  1. It's been a month, and I love my new job, I really do. But it's been a bit of an adjustment. What follows are a few ways I stay organized.
  2. Desktop calendar
    The big stuff, like all-day trainings, pay days, holidays, due dates for projects, etc.
  3. My planner (monthly/weekly format)
    Personal appointments. Also has lined pages for personal to-do lists. Which of course I think about at work.
  4. Weekly checklist
    Items that come up during the day related to client needs/documentation/insurance to-do's. Monday-Friday on one page. Satisfies the urge to check things off a list.
  5. Post-it notes
    Fleeting memos or confidential info I won't need later
  6. Care Logic (online documentation system) schedule page, and client caseload list.
    Client appointments. Daily schedule. More children than I can physically possibly see in one week.
  7. Microsoft Outlook calendar/to do list
    Flag an email and it turns into a to do item. Often redundant with weekly checklist but keeps important emails from getting lost in the shuffle, although I feel more grounded by a paper and pen list. (See checking thing off, above)
    For lists about how you feel about the other lists.
  9. Wine list
    When you've had it up to HERE with the aforementioned lists.
  10. You think my hands are full? You should see my heart. Hashtag Social Work. ❤️