Problematic Quotes/Moments from Gilmore Girls, Season 5

It's my first time watching, and I'm enjoying! ...but there have been some misguided/awkward (outdated) moments in the previous seasons. I will now track them.
  1. "He was my boyfriend first."
    Girl no. 👎🏽
  2. Dean yelling at his wife for answering his cellphone and being borderline abusive
    😳 take it down a notch, bro.
  3. Taking a break from our regular programming to announce that OMG it's Mrs. Landingham!! #bartlettforamerica
  4. This isn't a specific moment but I'm so over the Dean 2.0 storyline. Enough already... (Ep 5.)
  5. "Earlier, I was talking to Sukie (Sookie?) who by the way got herself knocked up again! The crazy slut!"
  6. "Say, aren't you the cultured Queer Eye guy!"
    ...because Rory is wearing a suit...?
  7. Luke: "Those are real orchids!"
    Lorelai (sarcastic): "A little gayer please."