May contain spoilers
  1. Wow Woody and Hallie's chemistry is 🔥
    But in an adorable, he's an amazing teacher obv kinda way, not creepy of course. And I love her style.
  2. Omg this scene in the car with her dad is too cheerful, something is gonna happen.
  3. Yeah, brother is a jerk.
  4. Lol this guy clearly has a CRUSH THE SIZE OF EVEREST on her. Adorable.
  5. Oh wow that is awkward and unfortunate.
    I wonder how I would handle that situation. Not pleasant.
  6. Lol Woody with the dry wit ftw!!
    Expiration date on freebies for the dead and dying 😂
  7. Aw her little pep talk in the mirror. 💔
  8. That feeling of watching a friend (maybe) find a new crowd, is so real. 💔
  9. Oh no Kyra Sedgewick... LISTEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER 💔
  10. Ok I'm falling a little bit in love with Irwin.
    He's so unhinged but in like a stable and safe way?
  11. Oh no 😢
  12. Friend fights are the worstest
  13. Aw! Bravery amongst the fishes
    I don't trust this guy.
  14. My sense about Woody is that he puts up with her because he sees her incredible potential. And how smart she is.
    And she just needs her dad back.
  15. Oh wow this just escalated. They have a very casual relationship 😂 I had some great teachers but I doubt I ever cursed at any of them.
  16. Aw! Woody is the best.
  17. Oops I spelled Erwin wrong before.
    It's with an E
  18. Damn Erwin too bad your house is so small
  19. Aw Erwin you're so cute and self conscious.
    If she doesn't end up with him IDK
  20. Oh fuck Erwin's parents. So much.
  21. And Fuck Nadine's mom.
    Seriously my heart breaks for her right now
  22. Oh dear. Texting while emotional. Never good.
  23. Oh shit.
  24. Omg Woody reading her message had me in hysterics.
    Too good.
  25. I would like to state for the record that I am not feeling this Nick situation.
  26. Also, mental illness. I am appreciating Kyra's take on it.
  27. I'm super nervous rn. Like, I cannot take this.
  28. Oh, girl. I'm sorry that happened.
    I guess it could have been worse, but that hurts.
  29. She called Woody. I'm 😭
  30. Hard truths from Darien
  31. I'm not crying, you're crying
  32. Lordy, siblings are EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.
  33. Erwin ❤️❤️❤️
  34. Aw. I didn't want it to end. What a great movie.