Reasons I can't fold laundry, vacuum, wash dishes, start dinner, etc.

Spoiler alert: this is 💯 percent a self-indulgent cat list.
  1. There's a cat sleeping
  2. He chose my "lap" (leg) specifically.
  3. It would be rude/unfair/bad parenting to wake him now
  4. Never mind that my leg is falling asleep.
    I adjusted my position just a tad and he complained.
  5. Every time he moves the cute factor goes up.
  6. Also, black bean toes and a raccoon tail.
  7. Chores are overrated. Sleepy cat smiles are where it's at. Also, he's obviously hugging me.
  8. Happy Sunday, y'all! 😻
  9. [update] Just told cat I will be getting up soon. His reaction: