Sometimes Sunday goes just as it should. Alternate title: So this is what it feels like to not have homework all the time!
  1. Boyfriend and I slept in. Way in.
  2. Waffles with fresh blueberries for "breakfast" (at noon).
  3. Divide and conquer got the apartment cleaned in a jiffy.
    Including a deep clean of the kitchen. 'Bout time, tbh.
  4. Two loads of laundry washed and folded. Clean sheets on the bed.
  5. Plenty of cuddles with our canine and feline housemates.
  6. Dinner: Spaghetti squash with oven roasted tomatoes topped with melted, fresh mozzarella.
    Basil, oregano, and lotsssss of olive oil. Also, I frickin just love spaghetti squash. Such a fun and ridiculously easy alternative to pasta.
  7. Dessert: Ben and Jerry's almond milk ice cream!! Kroger is finally carrying it!!
    Coffee caramel chocolate chunk. It was amazing.
  8. Netflix: Chef's Table.
    Enjoying this series IMMENSELY. Exquisite, artistic food, fascinating life stories of chefs, great commentary on ethical eating, farming, consumerism, etc.
  9. Lastly, a post-dinner walk yielded a sweet, sweet treasure.
    A huge, wild blackberry bramble near our house! There's more where these came from. I'm already envisioning berries and cream, blackberry jam, a tart, syrup, and more.
  10. What was the best part of your day?