Road Trip!

In which Southern 🐭 and her ❤️ travel north to visit family. As told mostly through the snappiest of chats.
  1. First leg: GA ➡️ VA
  2. Delicious Cuban sammies at A Piece of Havana, in Charlotte NC!
  3. Selfie skills: 76/100 👌🏽
  4. Mid afternoon snack! Who can name this funky fruit?
  5. Whew! Made it to my aunt and uncle's house! Straight to bed, and day two begins bright and early tomorrow.
  6. Also, these shenanigans:
  7. Day 2: VA ➡️ MA
    Off we go!
  8. Subpar spinach salad with a crab cake on top, somewhere in New York: ✔️
  9. Heyooooo Massachusetts
  10. And with that, day 2 is done. G'night y'all!
  11. Day 3 (of driving, after a wonderful long weekend in the Boston area) : MA ➡️ ME
  12. Forgot to snap in the car, so this is from my parents house! Happy to be here.
  13. We are on our way home now, experiencing the bittersweet melancholy that comes from leaving family behind. It was a lovely vacation. Thanks for following along!