In which my boyfriend and I move into our new digs between now and August 21. We shall see if the 3 week time span ends up being a lifesaver, or infuriating.
  1. Blank slate! Kind of exciting.
  2. Static
    Living room.
  3. I'm gonna be doing a LOT of porch-sittin' real soon. 😍
  4. When the bedroom has no closets...
    You make them!
  5. Static
    Most of the apartment is a mess, but I'm finding comfort in creating small areas of refuge. Hanging curtains made a big difference.
  6. Static
    Kitty came over with us today to get a feel for his new digs. He would not let on if he was impressed or not.
  7. Sorry I haven't been updating. It's because this ⬇️⬇️ is what there is to see.
    Please enjoy my dog's double tail, brought to you by iPhone panorama. We did the big furniture move-in yesterday, so now it's time I settle in! Let the nesting commence.
  8. Taking solace in small, intentional spaces...
  9. ...and finding joy in simple things.
    (While still living amidst piles of boxes)
  10. I did a DIY thing with an antique mirror that was at my family's beach house. Now it's in my bathroom ☺️
    Pinterest win!
  11. Y'all, moving BLOWS. I'm convinced it's like childbirth and our brains erase the actual pain of it all over time, or none of us would ever move. But no, every 1-4 years of my adult life I have subjected myself to this.
  12. We are officially all the way moved out of our old place. Now we can focus on organizing and nesting, which I kinda enjoy.
  13. It's happening. The new place is starting to feel like home
  14. View from where I lie at this moment ❤️
    Our apartment has a strange layout because it's one half of a regular house, but one aspect of this is a giant bedroom! There's room for a sitting are and room to lay out my yoga mat. And that's an IKEA table that I made into a cat perch with scratching post legs ;)
  15. Static
    It's not done, but I got a good start on my gallery wall.
  16. I FINALLY got to set up the big bookshelf!
    I'll show more in another list. This was fun.
  17. Art in the bedroom
  18. Static
    This leather chair was in my grandpa's house- my dad used to sit in it and watch tv when he was a kid. It's mine now and I have to cover it to keep my damn cat's claws off of it, but it's super comfy!
  19. We welcomed some baby houseplants as well. May they live long and pleasant lives 👀
  20. Detail of the bedroom. I think I'm getting the hang of creating spaces that spark joy!
    A figure drawing study from my undergrad years, and a driftwood necklace organizer I made recently.
  21. List-ception!
    Feels good to cross things off. We are getting there!