This @list is off-brand for me but here goes.
  1. Static
    I don't remember what this one was about so it must not have been that good. Maybe something about a sore bum.
  2. Static
    Stevie breaks her horse. #61 is a real downer. She should wipe that smirk off her face tho.
  3. The one that started it all.
    Omg I just about died when Stevie almost didn't make it to the Mountain Trail Overnight
  4. Static
    A super edition so you KNOW it's a good one. Raise your hand if you fucking sobbed when both twins were born healthy after all THAT?? And all because of Lisa??
  5. Static
    Lisa and Carole argue over whether horses take naps. The argument gets so heated that Carole's dad (the colonel!) has to break it up.
  6. Static
    This one came with a free flippin horse postcard inside, so... 🐴 🐴 🐴
  7. Static
    Stevie discovers "weird feelings" (down THERE) whilst riding a horse with a particularly energetic trot.
  8. Static
    Lisa is like, super sad because she wanted a brown horse but got a black one, but then she gets a brown one and everything turns out a-okay.
  9. Static
    Lisa and Stevie join the school newspaper together and realize they have the hots for each other. This one was ahead of its time.
  10. Static
    The girls get to have a slumber party at Pine Hollow Stables and it's only the best flippin night of their lives so far!! #36 made you want to BE those girls the most out of all the books.