Since there are only 42 days until Christmas! And it's time to think about happy things.
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    Yummy herbal teas (flowery flavors, stress relief, relaxing, or bright flavors for morning)
    Since I gave up coffee almost a year ago...sigh.
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    Snazzy writing supplies
    Pretty paper, quality pens and markers, etc
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    Books! I've been trying really hard to make time to read for pleasure because I love contemporary fiction.
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    Discovering new music
    I rely heavily on other people for this. Recently I've been really digging strong female artists 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 can't imagine why... ;)
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    Lip balm for days
    If it smells good, is slightly tinted, and made from natural ingredients I will use that shit OBSESSIVELY. Even better if it's handmade/artisan made.
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    Unique finds from local artisan/craft fairs
    A handmade candle, pottery, interesting jewelry, original artwork/prints, etc.
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    Original art/prints
    See above! I love collecting one of a kind pieces that speak to me. It's not about monetary value, but rather having pieces that mean something to me.
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    In all its variations.
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    I have a scarf collecting issue; the issue being that I don't know how to stop! Some of my faves have been vintage/thrift store finds!
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    Cat-themed stuff
    Cat people you know what I mean
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    Women's rights, HUMAN rights, feminism, social justice, black lives matter, environmentalism, social work, animal rights... etc
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    And yes, this is a help guide for my secret santa. 🎅🏽But sometimes, the best gifts are ones that mean something to the giver as well, and that say something about THEM as a person. So really, do your thang and I will adore whatever you choose!