Things I'm Into This Week

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Ben and Jerry's New almond milk flavors.
    Omfg! I waited and waited for Kroger (or Publix, or dammit the Shell station near my house) to carry them and now they do! They're so tasty!
  2. I didn't list a ton for a bit, but the past few days have been prolific by my standards. It's been real fun!
  3. Thinking about starting to pack for when we move in a month, but not doing anything about it.
  4. Wheat Thins, apparently, since I just ate half a box and called it dinner.
    Hello, Monday.
  5. Rain
    It finally rained today (that intense, Georgia downpour) after a series of extra hot and muggy days. Hallelujah.