Inspired by @victralala @andersun @jennifergster and my dog, Milo
  1. Bring you bugs that I find around the house, in case you are hungry.
  2. Sleep on your bed while you're gone to keep it warm for you, and make your pillow even softer with a fine layer of my soft doggo hairs. You're welcome.
  3. Yell at all the dogs we see on our adventures, so you don't have to. They deserve it.
  4. Cuddle you during thunderstorms so you don't get too scared.
  5. Lie on top of you if you are crying, and clean up the water on your face.
  6. Bring my food to wherever you are and eat it there, so we can have a romantic dinner for two.
  7. Follow you from room to room all day long so you don't get lonely.
  8. Play with the cat to make you laugh, because I love the sound of your laughter.
  9. Sit by your feet while you wash dishes, in solidarity.
  10. Guard you with my life while you are on the toilet. No exceptions. It's better to be safe, than sorry.
  11. Watch you all my waking hours in case there is something you might need from me.