Thanks @andersun ! UPDATE this is now an open list. Teachers of, whatcha got??
  1. Run in the hallways
    And not get yelled at
  2. Yell in the hallways
    And not get yelled at
  3. Curse vehemently
    And not get fired
  4. Do that runnnnn-walk-runnnnnn-walk-runnnn thing from Ferris Bueller's day off, past all the doors.
  5. Raid the teachers' secret candy stashes
  6. Sit at the principal's desk and make a very stern face
  7. Dribble a basketball in the cafeteria because you want to
  8. Bring your dog (or cat) to school
  9. Use whichever bathroom you want to
  10. Drink all the chocolate milk
  11. Take a nap in the reading nook in the media center (known in our day as a "library" 🙄)
  12. Use a projector to watch a movie
  13. Throw a party a la Footloose
  14. Change all the clocks to Paris time and eat a baguette with Brie and butter while listening to the French national anthem over the PA system
    Without getting yelled at
  15. Giphy
  16. Ok full disclosure: I don't actually work for the school, I just visit every day, so my day was not spent in an empty school today. But I thoroughly enjoyed imagining what that could have been like.
  17. Use the PA system to tell adult jokes, go anywhere you want without a note, ride a bike in the halls, sing and dance on the stage, and roller skate in the gym!
    Suggested by @Heartsounds
  18. Giphy
    Order pizza and learn about Cuba?
    Suggested by @andersun