It's been a while since I had a "real" job. In 2011 I quit my teaching job at the end of the school year and travelled for 6 months. Then I waitressed for two years. Then I was in school for 2 years (intern life). I took 3 weeks off. Tomorrow I start my social work career for real!
  1. Maybe I should stay in bed all day
  2. But today is my last day to "get things done" before I don't ever have time anymore
  3. So glad I scheduled that massage for later!
    Graduation present from my honey :)
  4. Maybe just one episode of Bloodline... ?
  5. I should take Milo out first. He deserves it. Come on, dog.
  6. Should I bring lunch tomorrow?
  7. I need to go grocery shopping. We need stuff for work lunches for the week.
  8. I'll make a nice dinner tonight, and then have leftovers tomorrow.
  9. Why is Milo eating so much grass today?
    Tummy ache? 😳
  10. I'm training at HR all day tomorrow, what should I wear?
    Business? Casual? Def bring a sweater though, these people and their A/C in Georgia, I swear...
  11. I wonder if they'll talk about health insurance tomorrow.
  12. I hope I don't have to change companies.
  13. NOT complaining about having insurance through work but I just met my deductible on my current plan for hecks sake.
  14. Adulting is the worst.
  15. I wonder if they have therapy supplies there or if I'll need my own
  16. Kinda hope they have some there? At least some stuff?
    📂File under: why didn't I ask this at my job interview. I could have.
  17. Although, I already have a few kids books and games. And art supplies.
  19. I wonder if they pay for supplies.
    So many questions!!!!!
  20. Hmm if I buy supplies for work can I write those off on my taxes? How do I do that?
    📂File under: questions for dad.
  21. Is there an age at which one stops calling dad for every life advice situation?
    Because apparently 30 is not that age.
  22. I should call my parents today.
  23. I should eat some breakfast. According to myself, eggs and toast with avocado is a perfect breakfast. IF I COULD EAT ONLY 10 THINGS THE REST OF MY LIFE,THEY WOULD BE
    And go.
  24. Look at this cat lying here. Not a single heck given.
  25. Cats don't have to go to work.
  26. How long is the training period?
  27. When will I get my first clients?
  28. Am I ready? Am I prepared?
  29. Of course I am.
  30. I feel ready. I'm excited to finally do social work for real.
  31. I can't wait to be a counselor.
  32. The team I'm joining at the child and adolescent clinic is amazing! I'm thrilled to be part of it.
  33. I'll get to go to lots of trainings to continue my education.
  34. What should I wear tomorrow?
  35. Something comfortable but classy, prob.
  36. Business casual or whatever.
  37. Wear whatever, Sarah. Chill. ❄️❄️❄️
  38. I'm going to look fabulous and do great.
  39. I'll have my own office, that's a first!
  40. OOOOH I get to decorate an office?
  41. I wonder if there are office decor guidelines.
  42. Stop overthinking!
  43. What if I hate it there?
  44. What if it sucks.
  45. What if I burn out within like a year.
  46. I won't. I'm going to love the job.
  47. It's a great first job! In a great town. With a great team.
  48. And I know how to take care of myself.
    SELF CARE, Y'ALL! 🌟🌟🌟 Every damn day!
  49. Kyle Chandler is good in Bloodline but it's no Coach Taylor
  50. Just got an email detailing days 1-5 of training.
  51. Def gonna need to bring something to doodle *cough* TAKE NOTES on.
  52. (After I made a bomb charcuterie board and delicious Asian noodle stir fry for dinner)
    I hope work isn't like school and I'll actually still have time to cook.
  53. Dang that's a nice looking appetizer.
    Edit: this was so filling and yum we didn't even get to the stir fry! (We had a salad too.) (Can you tell I use cooking as a coping mechanism? I didn't think about work at all while prepping!)
  54. Things left to do tonight: pick out an outfit, pack my lunch, find my frickin social security card or passport (for HR), write my grandma a thank you note (unrelated but still to do tonight).
  55. Later that evening...
  56. Clothes are ready, forms of ID have been located, lunch is packed (stir fry), Tamagotchi™ is asleep (yes, really), dog and cat and boyfriend are all relaxing and I can too.
  57. Not feeling worried anymore. Can't wait to go be the new kid for a while.
  58. Sweet dreams!