Inspired by @Gola and @angela3950 🎵 Ranked. Subjective (or is it...?)
  1. Across the Universe
    The poetry astounds me and speaks to the hopeful existentialist in me, and the lilting melody is so dreamy.
  2. Two of Us
    Sweet harmonies, sweet love, sweet imagery, nice rhythm, and I have a soft spot for songs about Home.
  3. Let it Be
    I dare you to listen to this song on a day when your heart is feeling fragile and not shed a tear or five. I find Paul's voice in this one so comforting.
  4. I Me Mine
    My brain doesn't quite get one this but my body/soul eats it right up. There's an underlying agony in what feels at times like a fight song.
  5. Dig a Pony
    This was The Long and Winding Road until just now when I listened to the album and the song didn't hold my attention. Dig a Pony though, is a sleeper—you kinda forget it exists and then you hear it and it's SO ENJOYABLE. You can celebrate anything you want! It's a love song that sneaks up on you.
  6. Static
    About the process: 1-3 were no-brainers. #4 was a 3 way tie and didn't become clear until the album was played all the way through. #5 was a surprise, originally lost the #4 spot but snuck up and grabbed #5 when the original contender didn't live up to my memory of it.