TV Show Obsessions of the Past, Chronologically (1990ish-2008)

We didn't have a tv (except to watch movies) in my house until I was in high school so I had to get my fix at friends houses. So my 90s tv knowledge is a bit more sparse than it might be. By sometime soon after college, I was relatively up to speed. I think.
  1. Wishbone
    So much history learned here. Also, loved the "making of" segments
  2. Where In the world is carmen sandiego?
    Ugh and there was a computer game too?
  3. Full House
    No description needed. You all know.
  4. Keeping Up Appearances (BBC)
    I watched this with my grandmother a few times and it struck my 10 year old funny bone! "Mind the pedestrian!"
  5. Seinfeld
    I didn't even love this as a kid I just wanted to see it because everyone else was talking about it.
  6. Friends
    I became obsessed with this in high school and rewatch random seasons occasionally.
  7. Will and Grace
    Watched on DVD in high school
  8. The first 3-4 seasons of American Idol
    I remember renting "From Justin to Kelly" on VHS from the video store with my sister. Good times.
  9. MASH
    Watched on DVD in college with my freshman year roommate. Hawkeyes was my homeboy because he's from Maine and has great eyes.
  10. Sex and the City
    Also watched in college with freshman year roommates. Amazing experience.
  11. 24
    Watched one season of this (in one sitting—real time!!) sophomore year of college
  12. One Tree Hill
    The ANGST
  13. The Office
    Discovered in college, have watched straight through twice (second time when I introduced my boyfriend to it).
  14. The West Wing
    Began watching on DVD after undergrad. To this day remains one of my favorite shows of all time. Bartlett for America.