We Need to Talk About Albert

Inspired by @Boogie and her lists about her coworker, Matt. Names have been changed because he's sort of my boss and I'm paranoid.
  1. History: much like @Boogie 's coworker Matt, Albert has this thing where he talks. All the time. And if you engage, he will move into your office and stay a while. He also repeats stories. A lot. And takes a long time to tell them.
  2. Yesterday, Albert did me a favor (to his credit, he's a pleaser and it's helpful because he gets shit done). After the favor was completed, he came back to my office and proceeded to give me a play by play of how it went down. It had consisted of pulling some strings for my client.
    We get it dude, you were able to pull a couple strings. I said thank you. I know, I was there too! Moving on!
  3. Today my office door is open and I'm casually making my way through some paperwork. Albert walks up to my open door and says, apropos of nothing, "Man, my whole body hurts. I've been sitting working on those failed claims all morning and every inch of my body is like, 'why???'"
    Me: Oh no! 😧 (Tries to sound sympathetic while barely looking up from my work, so as not to encourage further conversation)
  4. Update: at our staff meeting this morning Albert told the whole story, again, for EVERYONE'S benefit this time, of how he scored a Dr appointment for a client and saved the day.
    Under the guise of "let's everyone go around the room and share something positive, something personal from 'over the weekend' I'll start."
  5. Like, I'm sorry do you want a gold star? ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Am I being too harsh? 😳🙄