Some of them I can't remember their last names (because what is a last name to kindergarteners?), some of their names are too common to be Google-able, and some of them must be in witness protection, so I have to guess what happened to them.
  1. Elizabeth
    Owner of a Successful Private Dental Practice in Sunnyvale. Married with Two Kids Who Play Violin. Sends Adorable Christmas Cards.
  2. Kathleen
    HR Manager in Seattle On the Fast Track to HR Success. Mourning Loss of Very Old and Beloved Cat. Looking for a Man with Clear Skin and Conscience.
  3. Tracy
    Going to Night School to Become a Phlebotomist. Keeps Loose Change in a Jar to Donate to Women's Shelters. Obsessed with Trying New Anti-Wrinkle Creams.
  4. Heather
    Social Worker Turned Zumba Instructor. Loves Melissa McCarthy Movies and Googling Fad Diets. Secretly Thinks Farmers Markets Are Overrated.