1. Was browsing my news this evening when I saw an article about many people who had downloaded the update and had experienced a frozen black screen and had to reset their entire phone.
  2. Which is a bit unfortunate, but then I saw the FEATURES of iOS 10 for when it actually works and they looked like a great way to waste time tonight.
  3. So I was like yeah that sounds great, I need this update ASAP.
  4. I downloaded it as a public service, really.
  5. Best features of iOS 10:
  6. FINALLY being able to delete the stocks app
  7. Extra shit on iMessages including the ability to type words and replace them with an emoji by tapping the words, sending gifs straight from the app, sending fireballs (????) and heartbeats (??????????) via tapping your fingers and drawing pics right in the app to send that then can expire if you want.
    I want to know what drugs the apple people took while designing this.
  8. Worst features of iOS 10:
  9. The menu that swipes up from the bottom is not aesthetically pleasing to me anymore, and you have to swipe sideways to access the music part.
  10. Maps still does not let me have Morgan Freeman as my GPS voice.
  11. The lock sound changed and is way less crisp (can you describe a sound as crisp?). I don't like it.
  12. The new Home app allows you to sync your home electronics/appliances/etc to your phone so that you can relive the plot of Smart House except this time it's your iPhone that tries to seduce your dad and destroy your family.