1. SO my mom tends to buy things and rave about them and this is one of those things. She got me one after some resistance on my end and let me tell you this thing is INSANE.
  2. I usually only wear eye liner and mascara, but I wear waterproof mascara so I remove my makeup with baby oil. Gets it all of it off but also feels greasy.
  3. I finally broke down and decided to give this thing a try with zero expectations of success. I pulled the towel out of its wrapping and because there were no instructions proceeded to just rub it on my left eyelid because honestly I expected nothing to happen.
  4. But my eyeliner was gone! And the mascara was partially removed too! After approx 10 seconds!
  5. Also let me state for the record that this towel feels like the softest blanket you have ever touched in your life. Silky and so soft omg I want to sleep with it.
  6. But back to the experience. Little dots at the bottom are evidence of make up removal.
  7. So then I continued to rub my eyelashes on my left eye because that's the tricky part with the waterproof mascara. It got the vast majority off, but I still removed the final bit with my usual baby oil just to see how much was left.
    A decent amount, but still less than if I hadn't used the towel for sure.
  8. Then naturally I got on google to research this magic and all the articles that came up mentioned that you just have to put warm water on the towel.
  9. So yeah, I skipped a crucial step.
  10. So for the right eye, I went and got the towel wet.
  11. And it worked even better that way! Following directions works, guys!
    Larger amount of make up removed when towel is wet.
  12. I could still feel some mascara on my lashes after using the wet version of the towel so I went back to the baby oil and there was even less remaining mascara on the right eyelashes than the left.
  13. Also, you're supposed to wash the thing before using it so when I get to washing it I'll try again and see if it fully conquers the waterproof mascara.
  14. Until then I'll just be rubbing this thing all over my face! HOW DOES IT WORK!? Scientists, I need an explanation!
  15. UPDATE: Turns out I also used the wrong side of the towel! lol mine is an off brand (not the ~official~ MakeUp Eraser) so it had literally no info with it
  16. Honestly considering putting on a full face of makeup just to play with this towel more
  17. An image of the box it came in, in case you're lookin to buy one yourself