Thank you Nathan, since this app is dead now this list will be my confessional!
  1. Other people use gifs
    I thought I was special cause I was always the main gif communicator in my friend group. That turned out to be FALSE. I am not special. Thanks list!
  2. There are lots of people who I don't have much in common with other than this app but now I follow them on every other social media platform and I LOVE IT.
    Your tweets and grams and everything you guys rule xoxo
  3. @marymurphy and @joemurphy are NOT a young married couple. I AM SO SORRY YOU GUYS.
    I wasn't very active when I first got the app so I would just pop in here and there and saw lots of reference to them as "The Murphy's" so I just ASSUMED they were married instead of siblings. Idk. I'm an idiot. Pray for me. When I finally figured it out I laughed to myself for days. I've been keeping this to myself for almost a year now. I FEEL SO FREE
  4. I need drafts to be a coherent person.
    Exhibit A: This list.
  5. I prefer lists with 5 things or less.
    Maybe I'll add more if the app lasts long enough. Bye.