My elementary school life was odd. I blame these activities on living in Williamsburg, VA at the time.
  1. 1st grade: Learned to sew in school
    Because my teacher was an actual Saint and helped an entire class of 6 year olds sew tiny bears for their parents for Valentine's Day. Since my brother was also born this year, I got to do an additional project where I made a bunny out of a sock for him!
  2. 2nd/3rd grade: Played the harp
    This was an after school activity (and I went to public school!). I'm not talking a fake kids harp, but an actual full sized harp that sits on the ground. This is one of my favorite things to use for 2 truths and a lie because who the hell learns to play the harp as a child?!?!
  3. Also 3rd grade era: Irish dance
    In addition to the normal types of dance like ballet and tap, I took Celtic and it was definitely my favorite. This also aligned with the opening of Ireland at Bush Gardens so it was a ~super cool~ hobby.
  4. Until middle school: Looked forward to being a colonial era person
    Planned on a future job dressing as a colonial person and working at Colonial Williamsburg because it seemed like the coolest job ever. But you had to be 16 to apply, so we just planned our futures there. Then my family moved away, so I never fulfilled those colonial dreams. Probably for the better.