Not Greece
  1. Road raged at people who were blocking me from parallel parking
    (Sorry people of Athens)
  2. Ate some food at a place
    Idk what it was called, but they had good Aeoli
  3. Taking pics of my beer while my friend pees
  4. Static
  5. This list is going downhill so fast
  6. I'm only a little drunk
  7. Go dawgs or whatever I guess
  8. Now at dinner at an establishment called The Place which was VERY confusing when my friend was like "okay we're going to the place"
    I was like WHAT PLACE
  9. ~fancy law school auction~ (my friend is in the law school)
    It's for a good cause / I'm just here for the alcohol
  10. Convo I keep having: law student: "are you in town for the weekend?" Me: "yeah I live in ATL I'm in grad school at Emory" Law student: "oh, law school?" Me: " Just a masters degree"
  11. Ummmmm a 1L just spent $775 on a poker night so I'm about to go ask him to venmo me some money
    Also, if anyone on this app has a spare $775 PLEASE slide into my DMs I'll take it
  12. Loooook what I ate for dinner last night (fried chicken, pimiento cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon)