I'm so early lol long Thanksgiving lines at the airport are a LIE
  1. Number of "Detroit v Everyone" shirts: 3
  2. Number of TSA dogs that I'm not allowed to pet: 1
  3. Number of leaf balloons needed to make the C gate festive: 5
  4. Hours I left to make it through security just in case: 2 hours
  5. Actual amount of time it took to get through security: 15 mins
  6. Number of children who randomly threw themselves on the ground directly in front of me while walking: 2
  7. Number of men I have wanted to kidnap Holiday in Handcuffs style: 5
  8. Number of people drinking Starbucks around me: 38472.4 million (approx)
  9. Number of people spotted snapchatting while walking: 2