LOL this is so lame but yet I'm so excited about it carry on
  1. Soooo I started going to this meetup where a bunch of people gather at a restaurant on Monday nights and play board games for 3 hours and it is the BEST.
  2. I went into this very unaware of the fact that board games outside of Life, Monopoly, etc exist.
  3. Let me tell you my horizons have been EXPANDED.
  4. Here are all the games I've played at the 2 meet ups I've been to so far:
  5. The Resistance
    Technically a card game with randomly assigned identities. I won by killing everyone duh.
  6. Avalon
    Another one with secret identities, kind of King Arthur themed. I have played 3 times and every time I have been an evil person and twice I have been the assassin and it just feels so right.
  7. Celestia
    We played like 5 rounds and I mostly lost because I am easily stressed/bad at gambling but it is SO ADDICTIVE.
  8. Exploding Kittens
    A card game by The Oatmeal! Didn't let those damn kittens kill me that's for sure.
  9. Bananagrams
    The only one I had played prior to this meetup and we played with about 10 people which trust me, makes it way less fun.
  10. It's kinda cool to hang out with strangers for 3 hours who don't know anything about me other than what I do and that I'm a bad liar in competitive situations. Everyone is so into the games and it is such a great way to get through Mondays.
  11. So um if any of you want to play board games hmu but also you have to supply the board games because none of mine are in GA currently.
  12. 🌚