🎄 🎅 ❄️ ⭐️ I love all of these movies but this rain has me in a MOOD sorry in advance
  1. The One Where Matilda Hates Santa
  2. The One Where The Large Man Child Runs Around NYC and Somehow Gets a Job
    #whitemaleprivilege am I right?
  3. The One Where Climate Change is Framed as an Intentional Deal Between Mrs. Claus & Mother Nature
  4. The One That is Too Damn Long and in Black and White But I Watch It Anyway
  5. The One With the Sexual Lamp
  6. The One That Might Also Be A Halloween Movie
  7. The One With the Dead Turkey Fart
  8. The One That's Actually About Jesus
  9. The One Where the Magician Tries to Ruin Lives/Murder the Children's Friend