Cities I am Visiting This Summer

First year of grad school is officially on the books. Now onto a whirlwind 3 months of summer "break".
  1. Atlanta, GA
    First I've got to move out of my current residence since I am cheap and refuse to pay rent over the summer when I am not in town
  2. Richmond, VA
    Technically a suburb of Richmond, but back to my hometown for a week to see the fam/get my life in order
  3. Charlottesville, VA
    Will take a quick pause from getting my life in order to visit the home of my undergrad university and some friends! Ideally looking at mountains and drinking some quality VA wine/beer will also be involved.
  4. Washington DC
    Heading to DC to fly out of Dulles en route to....
  5. Amsterdam!
    Technically only for an 8 hour layover and then onto....
  6. Accra, Ghana
    I'm heading to Ghana for my summer practicum that is part of my grad program. I'll be interning with CARE, a international NGO.
  7. Tamale, Ghana
    The administrative capital of the northern part of the country and my home from June-August while I'm working for CARE
  8. Repeat this list in reverse and BOOM it's time for fall semester to start. Bring it, summer 2016. See ya in August ATL ✌️