Last night I accepted the uber pool option on my way home because I am poor. I was not murdered AND the ride was cheap! I give the overall experience a 10/10 as my pool-mates (that's what I'll call them now) were very pleasant. Here are some things we discussed:
  1. How uber's GPS is always wrong
    Always off by at least one block. ALWAYS
  2. The fact that the driver and my two uber pool mates have all lived in Cleveland at some point
    I had nothing to contribute to this portion of the conversation
  3. General commentary on why the GPS was taking us on this particular route
  4. One of my pool-mates works at Fox 5 news and she says the elevators in that building are very confusing
  5. How living close to the CDC is a guarantee for immediate death if any of those diseases, etc escape
  6. Judgy conversation on how people in Atlanta do not understand how snow/ice works
    Not sure how this came up but it's a fact that everyone in this city has an opinion on
  7. A team effort in correctly locating my driveway as it is hard to find in the dark
  8. We wished each other a good night and parted ways. Now the driver and the two uber pool mates know where I live. I'm only slightly concerned about this as I will be moving out soon