1. Early 2000s
    Can't pinpoint the year but we went with family friends to their beach house in Manteo, NC. We watched fireworks from a dock and my childhood friend Chris and I yelled "OOOOOOOH" or "AAAAAHHHHH" after every single firework.
  2. 2005
    Middle school era. Was on a People to People trip with 39 other children in London. We made a lot of jokes about how it was "awkward" to be in England that day. The Brits didn't seem to care. Our teachers told us all to meet in a big conference room in our hotel that evening and we thought we were in trouble (40 middle schoolers traveling abroad = we actually got in trouble a lot). They ended up surprising us with a USA themed party.
  3. 2012
    Was in the tiny, one stoplight town of Clintwood, VA. They have a surprisingly good fireworks show on the fourth - including a smiley face shaped firework that I haven't seen anywhere else. S/o to Facebook memories for reminding me of this memory.
  4. 2014
    Flew back on the 4th from Bangladesh after 6 weeks of research work with an NGO there. I've never been so happy to see American flags and something about flying into IAD made it even more exciting. By the time I got back to my parent's house I was so jet lagged I couldn't keep my eyes open. I remember hearing the first neighborhood fireworks go off as I fell asleep.
  5. 2016
    Was in rural Ghana working for an NGO. Let myself splurge on French fries, a burger, and a coke for lunch that day.
  6. 2017
    My first 4th of July ever living in [near] DC so I feel a lot of pressure to do something ~super fun and patriotic~. We'll see