I'm going to educate myself and share a list about one amazing woman every week this year, because it's 2017 and ignoring history will not be accepted.
  1. In trying to learn more about women history has largely ignored (inspired by the film Hidden Figures) I'm going to highlight important women who I know little to nothing about. These are the arbitrary parameters I've set for myself, but I hope others can participate too with their own lists on admirable women.
  2. I'm hoping at the very least this will promote acknowledgement of important women in history, and encourage dialogue and learning for myself and anyone else who's interested.
  3. I'm playing with the format - I'm thinking right now it'll feature an image of the woman, maybe 10 facts, and sources for further reading.
  4. Constructive feedback will be appreciated! Can't wait to start Friday with my first inspirational lady - Anna Arnold Hedgeman.
  5. Exciting thing: in doing some research I came across this project by comic artist Rori (@roricomics on Twitter). Check out her #100Days100Women project here: https://mobile.twitter.com/i/moments/808356543703945216?m=1
    It's possible I'm the last one to find out about this, if so, oops.
  6. Will link each list below for easy reference:
  7. Just taking a moment to publicly whine that now, due to lack of drafts, this will likely not happen weekly anymore, or at the very least not on Fridays. You see, I would DRAFT on Thursday night and then go post first thing Friday so I could have some time to proofread and such. But now I have to research on my computer while typing into a list all
    at one time. @list not cool guys. Not cool.