1. Ughhhhhhh one of my friends is having a birthday party that is emoji themed (???) i.e. attendees dress as emojis. I know this is supposed to be fun but it just sounds like work to me and I don't feel like buying things. 🤖👎
  2. So, I am planning on becoming the most obscure, simple emoji possible.
  3. I think it'll make it more fun when people are like "What emoji are you?" And I can say "I am the small blue diamond emoji, thank you for asking" 🔹
    Not to be confused with the large blue diamond emoji 🔷
  4. I'm fun at parties I promise.
  5. Anyhow, I have narrowed it down to the following:
  6. 🌫
    This is the fog emoji. I can recreate it by wearing various shades of gray. Worried that it might be misinterpreted as 50 shades of gray and it's not that kind of party.
  7. 🍾
    This one does not have the fun of obscurity but does have the fun of me carrying around a bottle of champagne all for myself. "Sorry can't share its my costume"
  8. Not sure how to create the wavy dash but I imagine it involves wearing black and some awesome dance moves
  9. 🚮
    To be this one I can just walk around and clean up all night which is generally what I end up doing when I run out of people to talk to because I must be doing something at all times.
  10. I need creative people in on this clearly, plz help 🙃
  11. ☠. Or 🙉
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor