Not as cool as it sounds.
  1. Once upon a time I decided to sign up to be a volunteer social media person for the United Nations Association of Atlanta.
  2. United Nations Associations exist in places around the world to connect individuals to UN activities on a smaller level.
  3. It's very low key, I just schedule twitter and Facebook posts once a week and then monitor the accounts. I've done it for a little over a year now and have been thinking about quitting because I have a lot on my plate, and it isn't that exciting to me anymore.
  4. BUT this morning I woke up to messages on the Facebook account from two different women asking me to confirm if this one man works for the United Nations in Atlanta.
  5. The answer was 100% no because 1. It's a volunteer run org and 2. It's not the real UN, but rather a related org that does education about the real UN.
  6. Anyway, I get into a convo with these ladies who live in Latvia and somewhere else in Europe and they sent me all the documents he sent them. He somehow managed to acquire/forge customs documents from Kenya, purchase orders, flight tickets, etc. TONS of stuff.
  7. And for the most part the stuff looks really legit. There are a few red flags like for example one of the documents has a "stamp" that says "CERTIFIED TRUE COPY" but m governments are weird and that could be a real thing.
  8. I mean READ THIS:
  9. He also created a website that is literally screenshots of a real UN site, but has an extra page with bios of himself and a few others. It's obviously fake once you read them, because the grammar and spelling are pretty bad, but at a quick glance it could be legit.
  10. How does one report a person like that?! I reported his Facebook account as fake, but taking down websites seems like a more complex thing?
  11. And if you get rid of one they can just make a new identity and a new website and steal from more people!
  12. It's easy to be like "Wow don't send money to strangers, duh" but also people shouldn't be taking advantage of people and using charitable organizations to do so urghhhh.
  13. So yeah anyway that's how I became involved in a UN fraud bust and there is nothing I can do about this awful guy the end.