TL;DR I'm the creepiest person alive
  1. I have lived in my new house for approx 2 weeks and have not seen signs of life from any of my neighbor's homes
  2. But today when I pulled into my driveway I heard people out on their back deck and saw a lady walking around.
  4. Except for one tiny problem:
  5. They have a HUGE fence and I am not a huge person
  6. I tried to stand on my front porch and make eye contact with the woman but that didn't work.
  7. So I left the elevation and decided to just go knock on the fence.
  8. Said fence is like seven feet tall btw.
  9. I went over and knocked, but then felt really weird and decided that just letting myself into the backyard would be an acceptable thing to do.
  10. I could hear them talking so I knew they would see me right away. So it wasn't that creepy?
  11. But then I couldn't figure out the gate lock contraption.
  12. So picture me standing at the giant fence door attempting to break into my neighbor's backyard to say hi.
  13. I considered abandoning it at this point but I had gone too far. I was going to meet my neighbors dammit.
  14. FINALLY got the gate to open.
  15. As I was opening it, the conversation happening on the back porch ceased and a woman jumped up and said "hello??"
  16. Not like a "welcome to my backyard I'm so happy to see you" hello but like a "Why are you breaking into my yard, get out" kind of hello
  17. Which was completely justified.
  18. I let myself in and started word vomiting about sorry for being creepy I'm too short to talk over the fence I live next door I wanted to say hi I'm so sorry also did I mention I'm sorry for being creepy?
  19. The woman was relieved that I was not trying to actually break into her backyard and the guy present jumped up and gave me a fist bump.
  21. Turns out the lady is a personal trainer and the guy is one of her clients.
  22. They were lovely!
  23. I invited them to our housewarming party next Friday
  24. You're all invited too, obviously
  25. FIN.