1. Google notary near your university because you'll be on campus all day.
  2. Find a vague statement about having notary services in the student center. Narrow down potential places in the student center where they might keep a notary. Determine the notary must be in the mail room, credit union or copy services.
  3. Go to the mail room on campus
    "The credit union does that."
  4. Go to the Credit Union
    "You're not a member so we can't do that. You can go to financial services though."
  5. Go to Financial Services
    "The billing department does that, not us."
  6. Go to the Billing Department
    Out to lunch.
  7. Give up on the university and look elsewhere. Google will tell you that UPS locations sometimes have notary services.
  8. Call a UPS. Confirm that they have a notary! The notary will be there until 4pm!
  9. Arrive at UPS at 1pm
    "Oh come back in 30 mins, he just went out."
  10. Decide that you'd rather sit in your car and listen to a podcast for 30 mins than aimlessly walk around the Publix next door.
  11. Return to UPS, 1:45 pm
    Have the notary do their thing in less than 3 mins. Get outta there holding your notarized document as if it is the most valuable thing in the world cause you are NOT going through this process again.