1. I managed to avoid the Real World for 2 additional years by going straight from undergrad to grad school.
  2. Today starts my LAST first day of school EVER and I'm over here waiting for my first class meeting getting emotional.
  3. The last semester is looking so good though, here's what I'm taking:
  4. A class in the business school: Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing
  5. A class in the public health school: WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) in Schools
    This one is online and people working all over the world are in it! It's run by UNICEF.
  6. Gender and Development
    Gonna do so much Gender Analysis of programs I'm PUMPED.
  7. A class where we practice interviewing, resumes, job searching, etc
    Run by the kind, ingenious, lovely angel Nan whom I have listed about before.
  8. Applied Development
    Where people who work for various orgs (Carter Center, etc) come in and we talk about lessons learned, case studies, etc.
  9. Forgot one! A few of us are doing an independent study around legislative advocacy. We're going to go to the GA state capitol for learning purposes, to learn the process, partner with orgs, help with lobbying for certain legislation, etc!
  10. Trying to fully appreciate this last semester cause when it's over I have to start paying off my loans lololol pray for me 🙃
  11. Giphy
    Me in May