This is a belated listaversary celebration 🎈
  1. I remember downloading the app sometime in late Oct 2015 and then not really knowing what to do with it, and then posting two lists on 11/3/15.
    It was some seriously subpar content but I just felt pressure to produce ya know?
  2. Then there was a weird hiatus from then til May mostly because again, I didn't really know what to do with this app and also last spring semester was so busy.
  3. Then in May I returned to VA just in time to miss the ATL Meetup 😢 Literally 3 days before the meetup happened.
    Honestly one of my biggest regrets in life. @mallofamanda I will help you plan another one please please
  4. I was SUPER BORED at my parent's house so I got real active then.
  5. Images I Have Captured of the Sky Doing Its Thang and The Tale of How Dave Matthews' Face Got Me Booed in a Large Arena were the first lists where I was like "omg people do actually care about what I post!"
  6. But then I was abroad for the summer doing an evaluation for a large NGO in northern Ghana.
  7. @franksars helped me with my layover and lemme tell you when I made it to my hotel room in Accra & the reality of my aloneness in this country I had never been to before hit, & I turned on my phone & saw that trending confetti for The greatest dam layover [8 Hours in Amsterdam] my heart was so warm.
    Apologies for the longest run on sentence ever, I'm getting emotional here.
  8. THEN didn't work for most of the summer months because shitty wifi, but I managed to lurk occasionally and even got enough wifi power to post a few lists!
    @list just a heads up your app does not work well in Tamale, Ghana. Might want to work on that. There's a possibility I'll be abroad again next summer so if you need any testing hmu.
  9. The summer was a journey and I wrote a blog post or two on the interwebs but really helped me condense my thoughts and it was very therapeutic even if I couldn't publish them without Internet.
  10. And then ever since I got back to the US of A I've been much more active and I'm on list for good!
  11. I've met a couple of listers IRL! I saw @mallofamanda do stand up and she was one of those hilarious yet also endearing comedians, but like you guys also know this already. AND I finally ate food with @catharuin and it was everything I'd dreamed of and more.
  12. Except you guys have disappointed me a few times to be honest.
  13. Specifically the following 3 times:
  14. Yes I am still bitter about this: A Few Observations
  15. Do Eastwood's pants mean nothing to you?!?! TOP 5: Eastwood's Pants
    At least @Boogie and @MissJess get it.
  16. I'm going to be listing about college basketball for the next 5 months starting on Friday so this will be much more enjoyable for us all if you all just love my team okay?
  17. Anyway, no matter if I stay in ATL after graduation or find employment elsewhere in 2017 I know I can reach out to listers wherever I end up. And that is such a great reality for me, a youth with the world as her oyster.
    LOL I'm getting ridiculous now lets wrap this up.
  18. Thank you for reading this long, self serving list. I LOVE YOU ALL. If you have ever liked any of my lists I consider us friends just FYI. I'll end with a Krabby Patty gif, just for you.