Recently, politics has had me thinking about all the crimes people commit on the reg. So here is my (not really, but mostly) complete list of crimes from my entire life #Transparency #SarahT2016
  1. Breaking & Entering
    Is this the same as trespassing? If they are different, then put those down as two...
  2. Underage drinking
  3. Speeding
  4. Eating on MARTA
    GET AT ME MARTA COPS. I have low blood sugar okay
  5. Downloading music illegally
    Does limewire still exist?
  6. Watching tv shows/movies illegally
  7. Ignoring all "No right turn on red" signs I've ever encountered
  8. Peeing outdoors
    Not like alll the time
  9. Jaywalking
  10. Not paying taxes on babysitting money
  11. Not gonna lie this list just makes me want to go commit some exciting crimes cause mine have been pretty lame