@brimattia Aghhh I'm doing this live list style and my hands are shaking AHHHHH
  1. SO I was pulling out of my driveway to go to a thing at 6:40 PM and the mail guy starts walking toward my car so I rolled down the window and was like "Hi is that for me?!"
  2. Because every single day over the past week packages have been coming to my house but they're all for my roomie who does all her shopping online.
  3. And mail guy was like "Sharon?" And I responded "ummmmm Sarah?" And he gave me the package!!!! And it was so heavy!!!! And I knew what it was without even looking at the return address!!! 🎅
  4. BUT I was already running late and that makes me nervous so BRILLIANT me decided to break open the package with one hand and drive with the other.
  5. But Bri is a packing genius and this is as far as I got with one hand
  6. Static
  7. So then I get to my thing and I was like I could tear this open now, but I want to give it the Gift Opening Respect that it deserves so I hid the package in my trunk and spent the last 3 hours at a social thing thinking about this package
  8. But now I'm back in my car in a deserted parking garage and I'm gonna open it RIGHT NOW. (I locked my doors, its fine)
  10. A NOTE
  11. Static
    LOOK at the bear omg my hands are shaking blurry pic sorry.
  12. Also lol @brimattia I was literally stalking my recipient when you followed me so I had a hunch but it's cool that made it fun 😎
  13. Stop it right now this mug MATCHES MY NAILS
    Also I am down to 1 functioning coffee travel mug you are a SAINT for this
  14. Can we talk about these goldfish #festive thank you for the snacks!!!! I'm traveling this week and will be bringing all these with me!!!
  15. Coffee is my soulmate THANKS I'm bringing this on my trip too WOW won't even need to spend $ on coffee
  16. And last but CERTAINLY not least a travel writing book with stories by women Briiiiii you are a perfect gift giver oh my gosh. This looks amazing and I am going to show it off to my friends because this is so beautiful! So excited to read it!!
  17. Legitimately this was the best timing and also best prepared gift I have received in so long! I'm so excited to use EVERYTHING like literally won't be donating any of it to Goodwill and that my friends is a sign of an amazing gift. 😂
  18. Thank you thank you Bri I want to come to Maine and give you a giant hug but seriously can I come to Maine I've always wanted to visit! You're the best!!! And @DawnCloud is equally the best for coordinating this. I LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️
  19. Gonna attempt to hold back emotions and drive home now. Thanks for joining me on this gift opening adventure, friends