Just so ya know
  1. I call this one "Sarah, Queen of Autumn"
    I'm overlooking my kingdom
  2. It is very authentically "me" because of the following:
  3. This pic is 100% candid. I am staring at some mountains and drinking cider and watching little kids run around and LOVING EVERY MINUTE.
  4. But my face looks hella judgy.
  5. This is what I look like when I feel inner peace, I swear.
  6. Also I am wearing a flannel from the little boy's section at target cause it was cheap and my body type happens to be "12 year old boy".
  7. So to review: my face generally looks miserable even when I am SO happy, and I wear clothes made for little boys. Also #fall because I am #basic.
  8. 🙃🍂