Chronically early, I have become an expert at doing this. Also doing this RIGHT NOW #livelist
  1. Step 1: Locate all outlets in the room and select seat near one of those
    This is ideal because you get to charge your laptop, but also because everyone tries to sit near an outlet and you will not be stuck in an island of loneliness when everyone else arrives. They'll want [have] to sit near you!
  2. Step 2: Test chairs/desks
    This is way less awkward when you are the only one in the room. Check for wobbly-ness/squeaks that will inevitably drive you crazy if you sit there.
  3. Step 3: Build your nest
    Establishing personal space is v important so that you can show dominance over your selected seat before even speaking to anyone. I arrange basically everything I own around me, this is normal right?
  4. Step 4: Settle in, await the others, write a list
    Still the only one in the room? Write a list to waste the time away....
  5. Step 5: Finish said list/admire view out of classroom Windows and wonder if anyone else actually enrolled in this class
    Current view: Peep the ATL skyline