1. The time when my friend went missing in a bar and her phone was dead and I marched up to the guys on the dj stand and educated them about the dangerous/ridiculous realities of being a drunk female in a bar until they announced her name over the mic
    I get shit done and have no problem womansplaining to do it
  2. The time I high key threatened some construction workers by dropping info I had just googled on noise ordinances about 5 mins prior when they were powerwashing the adjacent property and disturbing guests at 10pm when I worked at a boutique hotel
    I care about the customer/client and will do whatever is needed for their satisfaction and also to save my ass from customer rudeness the following day
  3. The time that guy's shin bone snapped in half while I was a supervisor at the gym on campus and I had to manage the rescue squad, gym patrons, & other employees all while going to the back room every few mins to put my head between my knees so I didn't pass out
    I can operate in high stress environment AND make sure I don't pass out in medical emergencies
  4. The time the football fans from out of town had a ton of wine and liquor left over that they couldn't bring on the plane with them and left with me at the front desk of the boutique hotel and I proceeded to take it all home with me
    I don't let anything go to waste/I know quality alcohol when I see it
  5. Honestly there are many more but these are my top ones