This is so long and such a mess lol my relationship with Sweeney is extensive. Thanks for the LR @angela3950!
  2. In 9th grade I took theater as an elective. This also happened to be the year that the Johnny Depp movie came out AND (coincidentally) the year that my high school decided to do Sweeney as its spring musical.
  3. So I was introduced to the show via my theater class. The teachers/directors refused to see the movie because they didn't want it to impact their directing of the high school version.
  4. Did I mention my high school took its spring musical VERY seriously?
  5. Anyway in this theater class we used some of the Sweeney soundtrack to create a "Piece of Theater" [NOT sketches, plays, etc we were not allowed to call them that]
  6. Sweeney was particularly dear to one of the theater teachers, Mrs. Baugher. She is a very lively lady and told us the story of how she and her husband saw the show on Broadway many years prior and how amazing it was etc etc
  7. And she told us about her husband who found the show very funny and one day while grocery shopping, he dramatically grabbed a banana, held it out in front of him and proclaimed "AT LAST. My arm is complete!" which is the line from when Sweeney reunited with his razors. And the others around them in the produce section were very confused.
  8. Picture this but with a banana and in a grocery store. She said he still does it from time to time.
  9. So that's how I became semi-oriented with the plot and soundtrack. I was not a theater kid, but some of my good friends were in the show in the spring.
  10. The spring musical always took place the first week of May and happened to fall on my mom's bday and we went to see the show together.
    lol hbd mom
  11. And she was into it too, and somewhere in there we saw the movie, purchased the movie, and bought the soundtrack.
  12. My mom would play the CD in the car everywhere we went and looking back this was very odd, but it happened so here we are.
  14. Somehow second year of college one of my roomies and I discovered our mutual love/adoration for the movie. Her brother came to visit one weekend and it was gross and cold outside so we ended up watching the movie and making it into a drinking game. Because #college and also #weirdos
  15. If I remember correctly the rules included drinking when someone was killed, when someone spoke with an accent, etc.
  16. It was the best (because spoiler alert, everyone has an accent and nearly everyone dies).
  17. This adoration of the movie continued throughout the years and that roomie and I lived together for the remainder of college and therefore drank/watched Sweeney/sang quotes to each other on the reg.
  18. We also only had local channels as cable our last year of college so we got a lot of PBS stuff and they played various stage versions of the musical surprisingly often on one channel.
  20. In September of this year the movie came to Netflix! And the aforementioned roomie from undergrad was quick to notify me the min it was added.
    I forgot to cover up everyone's names, plz do not stalk my friends I'm too lazy to go back and fix it
  21. And I obviously went and watched it on Netflix in celebration and that lead to my grad school friends discovering my weird obsession with it.
  22. Something about an awful story is just so relatable ya know?
  23. Also a Venn Diagram of the movie cast and the Harry Potter cast would be v interesting I think. Pretty certain there are only 15 British actors total on this Earth.
  24. Anyway if ya ever want to watch/talk Sweeney, I'm your girl.