1. HI
  2. I just had to jump on here to say I APPRECIATE YOU.
  3. Every time I've gone to write a list recently I just think about how little and small everything in my life seems compared to the really messed up world we live in.
  4. But also your lists on EVERY single topic ranging from actions we can take to fight back to the pics of random shit you guys text your friends has given me LIFE.
    I severely need all your comic relief thank you thank you thank you. I'm a huge bummer to be around right now and you guys are still making me smile somehow.
  5. This week has been garbage for reasons including my Iranian school friends worrying if they will be able to complete their PHDs, to fear of complete demolition of any goodwill any person anywhere might have to the US, to concern over the women all over the world that will not be able access basic health care their HUMAN RIGHT etc etc etc.
  6. And so my Femilist Friday post this week might actually not happen until tomorrow.
  7. Because I still feel that it's really important to highlight women who need to be recognized, but also the humans in my life need some extra attention right now. They didn't ask for this. But now they're suffering.
  8. So thanks for being you, all of you people who pour your hearts/souls/brains into this app because I swear this lil community is the main reason I have retained my sanity this week ❤
  9. Get ready for belated Femilist Friday tomorrow!!!!!!!