The Best of the Lantern Parade 🏮

The largest temporary art display in the south. It's so beautiful and just being surrounded by light and thousands of humans is something that's hard to describe. Anyone can spectate, but you must have a lantern to walk in it. (Sorry for the picture quality but most of these were taken in motion).
  1. There were FIREWORKS this year.
  2. Giant bird creature
  3. These cute ladies
  4. This awesome family. The bright fluffy thing is a cloud that had beads coming down like rain.
  5. Toucan
  6. Very large carrott
  7. Whale!
  8. Note the humans who are carrying these things. It's a 2 mile walk and it was real hot out.
  9. Giant horse
  10. Sometimes you gotta be your own lantern, ya know? (Esp when you decide to walk in the parade last minute)
  11. Also amazing but I didn't get a picture of: a group that was pac man including carrying a speaker with the music, two boobs, minions, pizza