The Case for Half Birthdays

Does anyone else celebrate theirs?
  1. My real bday is in the summer, and always fell right when everyone took their last family vacation before school started again.
  2. So I always had small birthday parties growing up because all my friends were traveling and doing cool stuff.
  3. Because of this, my mom always made a big deal of my half birthday, which happens to also be Valentine's Day.
  4. I always had a Valentines/Half Bday party where we would make crafts and decorate cookies and whatnot. It was THE BEST.
  5. Also, my first year of college my mom texted a bunch of my friends on V Day and told them to wish me a happy 1/2 bday.
    (We all had sent our parents our friend's phone numbers for safety/"just in case" #college)
  6. That's how important that day is to me. My mom does the most. ❤️
  7. In conclusion, I love half birthdays and think everyone should embrace theirs, ESPECIALLY us poor summer birthday kids.
  8. The end.