Shoutout to @franksars for his list on recommendations!
  1. Due to my jet-lagged disoriented state I didn't spend as much time in the city as I would have liked but it was still a success!
  2. Did a canal tour with the coolest guide/driver
  3. Saw LOTS of the major sights such as the Anne Frank House, houseboats galore, other notable homes of artists/important people and other historical buildings (pictured: view from the canal)
  4. Since the only really iconic thing I didn't see on the boat tour was the Rijksmuseum I made it my mission to get there before departing
  5. After taking lots of wrong routes and assuming every large, red brick building was the museum, I finally made it! It was a trek
  6. Snagged a pic with the iamsterdam sign too. Yes I realize the s is backwards but the back of the thing was way less overpopulated than the front. Trade offs.
  7. Then attempted to pass through the Red Light District on my way back to Centraal Station but somehow I managed to go around it or something cause I never found it. Whoops.
  8. Those are the highlights; I also stopped by some cute shops/galleries on my way in each direction. Had so much fun! Such a clean and lively place.
  9. I also feel the need to make a public apology to the bikers of Amsterdam for my disoriented state. Twice I forgot I was walking in the bike lane. I AM SO SORRY
  10. Oh final addendum also saw the palace/castle/whatever it is called there. STUNNING I tell you
  11. Phew made my way back through customs/security and have way too much time to spare but this airport is also real cool.
  12. Amsterdam, I'll be back someday for a longer trip! Hopefully ill be better rested next time around so I can really take it all in